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Growing up with Autism isn’t a very easy experience. I would know, I grew up learning from teachers who were unsure about what autism was.

Although I wouldn’t want to describe my experiences with Autism as exactly those that everyone other child or adult with Autism would feel, it’s safe to say that it’s not pleasant at all. It feels even worse when the people who’re supposed to guide you and enable you to live with autism don’t give you the skills needed to cope with the requirements of daily life.

1 out of 59 children are born with Autism in the United States, a majority of whom go on to live healthy and wholesome lives. What holds anyone back is the confusion associated with raising a child with Autism and teachers who may not know how to manage a child with the condition.

I’ve worked as autism awareness advocate for the past few years, in that I’ve come to realize many parents and autistic children, simply don’t have access to the resources on how to deal with autism. To this end, I offer anyone looking for help personal life coaching skills.

Growing up with autism comes with a set of challenges that the most people don’t even have to consider, who better to help you with them than someone who’s overcome the challenges themselves.

In my time as a motivational speaker and as a vocal advocate of Autism research, I have access to resources and the life experience that I can combine to offer some much-needed guidance. The experiences that I personally went through, whether it was with schooling, personal relationships or jobs can be easily avoided. As we work together to help work through parenting issues or personal issues, I’m certain that we can set the grounds for a fruitful life with autism.

I just want everyone to know that autism is not anything to be afraid of, we are all equally as capable as any other person and I will help you get there

In addition to my email coaching, I also offer Skype and phone call sessions to provide a much richer, interpersonal coaching experience.

To all those parents or individuals reading this, first and foremost I’d like to tell them that you’re not alone.

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