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Living with autism, I’ve learned quite a few things over the years. Mine is a novel perspective on life that I feel both people with autism and those without can learn a lot from. I think that rising above your circumstances is possible for everyone and even though we might not face the same circumstances, it’s a principle I’d really like to put forward.

I try to keep my speeches light-hearted and amusing, serious enough to drive home the message that I want to put out, yet amusing enough to not ruin the atmosphere.

I’ve been through some very interesting experiences, whether these were romantic relationships, interactions with my parents, my co-workers or even college.

Looking back, I realize that it could’ve been a lot easier had more people known about autism and what that means for someone who has the condition. To that end, I always try to send a message that is both encouraging and promotes the idea of greater inclusivity for all people throughout the community.

I’ve already spoken at numerous events, mostly involving awareness regarding autism; but I wouldn’t say no to speaking wherever my message would be heard and appreciated.

Ultimately, my goal is for people to normalize autism and children who may have autism because it’s the perspective we take on the condition that determines our responses when we come across these. With my efforts I hope to make a society- wide impact where people realize the importance of welcoming more people into the folds of society without judgment.

People with autism are capable of achieving just as much as all other people and all it takes is for someone to take the time to make them feel welcome.

To make my speeches much more inclusive, I always try to expand this idea to help people facing any type of issues that they might be facing.

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Virtual Keynote and Motivational Speaking also available though Zoom app during Covid-19 pandemic.

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