Certified Motivational Speaker 

Overview And Experience

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Certificate at IAP Career College

As a Certified Motivational Speaker, a Competent Communicator at Toastmasters International, and Living with autism, I’ve learned quite a few things over the years. Mine is a novel perspective on life that I feel both people with autism and those without can learn a lot from. I think that rising above your circumstances is possible for everyone and even though we might not face the same circumstances, it’s a principle I’d really like to put forward.

“I try to keep my speeches light-hearted and amusing, serious enough to drive home the message that I want to put out, yet amusing enough to not ruin the atmosphere.” He describes his approach, “I’m very humorous in my speeches and really connect with my audiences.” Louis is determined to stay motivated and make his goals a reality. He wishes to connect with more people and touch more lives with his speeches. The published author is eager to reach out to those overcoming or experiencing adversity, especially those with disabilities, because he believes disability or not, “anything is possible if you continue to follow your goals and dreams”. “Never give up not matter what the circumstances”, he shares.


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