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Top 5 Virtual Business Ideas That Could Make You Rich In 2021

A Guest Post by Amber Roy

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, businesses have to be as virtual as possible. Offering services from a remote location without being present saves on high operational costs and is safe from most disruptions, including pandemics and political unrest. Here are some ideas you can use to base your virtual businesses on.

CE Mark Certification Services

The CE Mark represents the consumer that whoever has brought this product into the European market for sale can provide the appropriate technical documentation upon request. This product fulfills a list of legal requirements designed to protect consumers.

Instead of manufacturers and importers having to learn how to qualify with CE Mark certification, they outsource it to any location such as CE Mark Certification Services in Islamabad.

You can specialize in this certification, learn the ins and outs of it. Then you and your team will offer your services online to manufacturers and exporters all over the world who are looking for the CE Mark certification.

Affiliate Marketing

For a few years now, affiliate marketing has found a lot of hype, and for the right reasons. It is pretty successful and easy to set up (from the outside). But people misunderstand one key point, and that is why most aspirers fail to be successful. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you have to become a trusted advisor. To be a trusted advisor, you need to be seen as an expert in a niche.

Start there, find your niche, something you are great at. Maybe you are good at drawing. You can start a social media and use blogs to promote drawing software, tools, presets, themes, and courses other people have built.

If done well, if you are an expert in that field and people trust your word, you make sales from those promotions and pocket some profit. Affiliate marketing is an exceptionally lucrative opportunity if done right. But, remember, you need to know enough to be viewed as a trustable figure.

Amazon Virtual Assistants

Amazon Virtual assistants can save manufacturers and entrepreneurs a ton of time and money by doing leg work from product researching to customer service. As a return, virtual assistants get paid a ton too.

However, most virtual assistants are doing it alone, with most of them learning on the fly. This often leads to substandard work and sporadic clients. If you have some experience in being a VA, you can start collecting and managing a team of VAs. You can train them to be better, support each other, help each other learn and grow and create your little empire as a competent powerhouse of Virtual Assistants.

If not, you can use an abundance of online courses on how to be a VA, and align with other VAs in the field and work with them to develop your skills first.

Software Development

With the rise of the freelancer age, one thing is clear. More and more people are looking for personalized software designed to make their work easier specifically. These include various management software to start and then find niche products relevant to each field.

But, software developers are not good researchers. If you understand software development well enough, you can start talking to professionals in different fields and find out what software and feature they need. Then work on developing that software yourself or make the team do the technical work. And remember, membership programs for access to your software are better than one-time sales (in most cases).

Website Flipping

If you understand drop shipping, e-commerce, SEO well enough to apply these skills, you can go to this exchange market to buy websites and virtual businesses people want to sell. Then you can use your skills to improve these businesses.

Once there is an improvement, you can resell the website at a good profit margin and start all over again. This is especially attractive if you know how to run a business but do not have the patience to start from scratch.


Online businesses are based on one simple thing, having the correct information. The internet pushes us to be a jack of all trades, which is not a bad option, but it is challenging to manage and earn money. To start, you need to pick one field that you are an expert at (or good enough at). If you do not have that, spend time and effort to get there. There are courses on becoming a VA, starting an e-commerce business, software development, and so much more.

Then get experience, interact and work with people running the same or similar virtual businesses. Learn from them. Then you will be able to start your own business and succeed. Good Luck!

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