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What Autistic People Want Everyone to Know About Autism


Growing up with autism, it was difficult for me to adjust to new environments. Whether it was a new neighborhood or a new school, I would take my time getting to know people, learning what I liked about the place, and just trying to adjust to it.

Change isn’t always a good thing for someone who’s autistic. It takes us a while to accept it. Unfortunately, that also means having to deal with the various misconceptions that people have about the disorder.

But I’ve grown accustomed to questions people ask. And I’ve come to accept that knowledge is power, so education and love are the best way to deal with such problems.

Which is why today, I’ll answer a few questions about autism that people may or may not know.

The Signs for Autism Aren’t Clear During Infancy

No matter what Hollywood says or shows during movies, one thing is certain: the symptoms of autism emerge gradually.

They usually emerge by the age of 3. But sometimes, people even find out they have autism during adulthood.

So the only way to figure out if you or someone you know has autism is by looking into the symptoms and consulting a professional.

Autistic Individuals Can Be Successful

There’s a common misconception that because autism is a learning disorder, autistic people can’t find success and happiness. Famous inventors and innovators who are autistic include Anthony Hopkins, Alonzo Clemens, Matt Savage, Stanley Kubrick, and Satoshi Tajiri.

There Are Different Types of Autism

So many people think that autistic individuals have behavioral issues and are unable to learn anything. Not only is that not true, but there are also different types of autism.

There’s mild and severe autism. Also, while some autistic people may seem socially distant, others like to interact with those around them.

Some Autistic Individuals Have High IQs

A lot of people think that someone with autism will have a low IQ. This is simply not true. A lot of people with autism have high IQs but still have difficulties in some areas.

Motivational Speaker

Autism is difficult and complex. We can’t fully comprehend the effects it has on an individual. But we do one thing—every autistic individual is highly gifted in their own way.

As an autism awareness advocate and motivational speaker, Louis Scarantino has inspired and coached thousands with autism across the country. Growing up autistic has helped Louis observe, analyze, and create various strategies and methods to help others like him achieve their goals and dreams in life.

Hire him today for consultation via email or browse through his shop to buy his book, “Love is Too Hard: The Dating (Mis) Adventures of a Man with Autism” today.

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